Organic Products ECOVINYASSA

Enjoy in very best biology quality the fruity jams, select herbs as well as oranges / lemon peels and blossoms!

The full-ripe fruits from controlled ecological cultivation of the Finca ECOVINYASSA in Sóller walk directly from the tree in the jam production. Lemons - in a sweet-and-sour way or wholehearted oranges taste and spreadable.Tasty on crunchy breakfast bread …
Of course - freely from artificial preservatives and colorings.
Spoil yourselves with dry herbs of the ECOVINYASSA - a special quality his equals looks. The sheets and blossoms are a hand-picked and are dried there in the aerial half-shade carefully.
The biology-orange blossom – also "Azahar" called, is very much respectedly in the culinary one as well as in the therapeutic area. She works reassuringly on the nervous system and promotes a restful sleep. One uses them, primarily, for the tea infusion, fortified with some cinnamon or honey – a very aromatic, pleasant drink.
The finely hacked and preserved peel of bio-oranges or bio-lemons from the solar valley of Sóller/Majorca taste on account of the high salary in ethereal oils incredibly well. Sweet and a little bit crossly at the same time they refine a muesli as tasty as a self-preserved jam or the self-baked cakes. Every dessert - whether pudding, yoghurt, curd or ice cream - becomes with this aromatic ingredient a small experience! Some one also nibbles directly just of the glass. . . .

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